Athletes’ Code of Conduct

  1. It is a privilege and not a right to participate on a Harry Ainlay Athletic team.
  2. All student-athletes must be prepared to make a serious commitment to the team and their teammates. This includes attendance at all practices, games and other team functions.
  3. Regular classroom attendance and appropriate behavior both inside and outside of the classroom is a priority. Failure to take either of these responsibilities seriously can result in temporary or permanent removal from the team.
  4. All student-athletes will demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to cooperate with all coaching and teaching staff, students, opponents, officials and teammates.
  5. Be proud to be a Titan!
  6. Uniforms, equipment and facilities must be treated with care and respect. This applies to all situations inside and outside of Harry Ainlay.
  7. All student-athletes will follow both the Edmonton Public Schools and Harry Ainlay Codes of Conduct as outlined in the student handbook regarding alcohol, drugs, hazing, bullying, etc. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and at the discretion of the school administration this type of misbehaviour could result in permanent removal from any or all teams in the Titans Athletics program.

Athletes’ Responsibilities

Student-athletes at Harry Ainlay have a responsibility to demonstrate the qualities of appropriate conduct and good sportsmanship at all times. They must also dedicate themselves to maximizing their performance in all classes by attending classes,completing and submitting all required assignments, writing all exams and tests and making up all work missed. School-generated absences for athletic events will affect each of the above criteria for success.

Student-athletes must accept the responsibility to work closely with each teacher to allow the achievement of personal potential. Athletes’ eligibility to participate in inter-school athletics may be affected by attendance prior to and during the playing season. All athletes will behave in accordance with school and district expectations. All competitions must be conducted with a high standard of courtesy, fair play, and sportsmanship.

Criteria for Inter-school Athletics

All students upon entering Grade 10 have three years of eligibility in allinter-school athletics subject to the following provisions:

  1. Must be under 19 years of age on September 1st
  2. Must be registered in a minimum of 800 instructional minutes/week during the season of play
  3. Must be a member of the Harry Ainlay Students’ Union – $20 membership fee